maandag 18 November 2019
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Eins, Zwei, Drei, Fjouwer! [English]

Artists at work

Young musicians, photographers and video artists from Hamburg, Bremen, Friesland and Rotterdam are travelling to the other cities to get to know their counterparts and the local pop scene on the other side of the border. Eins, Zwei, Drie, Fjouwer! stems from the Junge Kunst subsidy programme. Paul Giesen, project manager of the Dutch contribution, looks back on the first weekend.

Although the title suggests otherwise, the kick-off for Eins, Zwei, Drie, Fjouwer! took place in Leeuwarden from 27-31 August 2015, including performances during the UITfestival. The bands participating in this project are: Abdomen (Leeuwarden NL), Standup '69 (Rotterdam NL), John Monday (Hamburg D) and Yellowtree (Bremen D).

Einz, Zwei, Drie Sing!

The Fjouwer production in the splendid city of Leeuwarden (though lacking a hostel) was an instructive and therefore valuable kick-off for this project, which combined a programme for young musicians, video artists and photographers. Finding the right balance and establishing connections between the various disciplines was built into the programme. However, the evaluation showed that there is still room for improvement. The organisations and participants got to know the pop music scene in Leeuwarden and were able to see how these organisations operate. During the Leeuwarden UITfestival, they were introduced to the actual activities of these organisations, but they also presented themselves and this project. Linking Eins, Zwei, Drie, Fjouwer! to a presentation at the UITfestival was valuable and attracted a public and generated interest.

Fjouwer was the project kick-off and will be followed by extended weekends in Bremen, Rotterdam and Hamburg. For the organisations, this first weekend provided an opportunity to structure the cooperation and to define the expectations and possibilities. The fact that there were still glitches prompted a debate between the organisations with ideas, comparisons, suggestions and options being put forward for the follow-up. The project participants also provided constructive input with suggestions and ideas for the project in their own cities.

A Facebook group has been set up in which ideas can be shared and plans for joint future performances can be discussed. For instance, it was suggested that in addition to live recording sessions, a booklet could be issued containing a selection of the best photos from the project. The live recording sessions will be released in phases in consultation with the bands. The sessions are now online. Watch the sessions of Abdomen and John Monday below.

Fjouwer was an excellent start, with the participants and organisations being introduced to the pop music scene of Leeuwarden. Knowledge, ideas and experiences were exchanged, new contacts were established, performances took place, live recording sessions were held, splendid photos were taken and everyone is looking forward to the next Eins, Zwei, Drie, Fjouwer! weekend.



Popfabryk (Leeuwarden NL) and RockCity Hamburg e.V. (Hamburg D) are participating in the Excite European network. Popunie (Rotterdam NL) and Musikszene Bremen e.V. (Bremen D) are participating in the Stage Europe Network. The organisations wish to use this project not only to promote cooperation between the Dutch and German organisations, both at home and in the neighbouring country, but also to launch a pilot project between two European networks to establish new connections.

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