How does it work?

This section provides all the practical information you need about applications, accountability, FAQs and objection procedures.

The Cultural Participation Fund runs various subsidy schemes and programmes. Many different factors are taken into account when determining whether your project qualifies for funding and if so, which subsidy scheme to apply for. To help you identify the right scheme for your project, and the criteria involved, we will walk you through the process step by step.

Submitting an application:

Step 1 Choose the right scheme
You will find a list of funding options for each scheme at the bottom of the page. Select the scheme that best suits your project and read the information carefully.

Step 2 Check the terms and conditions, criteria and submission deadlines
Make sure your application meets all the requirements: check the terms and conditions, criteria and submission deadlines for the subsidy scheme you have selected.

Step 3 Use the accompanying forms
You can find the application procedures and forms for our schemes in the individual project descriptions (see Activities in menu).

Step 4 Submit your application
Submit your application by completing the digital application form, or submit your application by post. We do not accept applications sent by e-mail. Read the submission instructions carefully. If you submit your application by post, make sure that you also enclose all the required documents.

Subsidy assessment:

Step 1 Assessment
The Cultural Participation Fund follows the advice of special expert committees to ensure that all application decisions are informed, reliable and fair. The Fund’s board accepts the committee’s advice in almost all cases.

Step 2 Decision-making
If you are awarded a subsidy based on your application, the Fund will notify you of the amount, and the procedure you must follow, as soon as possible.

We will also notify unsuccessful applicants at the earliest opportunity. If your project application is turned down, please check the information listed on our website for other potential sources of funding.

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