TANDEM - "Community and Participation"

TANDEM – Community & Participation aims at establishing long-term partnerships between cultural organisations working in the field of community arts, voluntary or amateur arts and (non-formal) arts education. The program focuses on citizens’ inclusion and active participation in local arts & culture and community life. It is for cultural managers from the Netherlands and its neighbouring regions/countries: Germany, Belgium and UK. The programme engages participants in an intensive one-year, transnational collaboration process, which includes the realisation of a joint interdisciplinary pilot project that is linked to their cultural expertise and their community.
The programme kick-starts a collaboration and co-creation process for Dutch organisations and their counterparts from Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom, resulting in a lasting network of knowledge exchange in cultural participation and community engagement. Bringing European makers into the participating organisations and communities supports a process of reflection and innovation, equipping participants with the much needed tailor-made toolkit in dealing with on-going changes and challenges in their societies and work field. Merging professional skills of the TANDEM partners in a joint transnational project yields new insights and practical approaches. Through TANDEM participating organisations can confidently find their way to and through the complex European scene. TANDEM is currently closed for applications. 
TANDEM "Community and Participation" is an initiative of the Dutch Cultural Participation Fund and European Cultural Foundation, implemented by MitOst e.V. in partnership with the British council and the Dutch Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts (LKCA). 
For more information contact Femie Willems or check the TANDEM website.

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