Dutch-German programme

Dutch-German programme with Fonds Soziokultur

Since 2013 the Cultural Participation Fund has a collaboration agreement with Fonds Soziokultur from Bonn, Germany.

With the Dutch-German programme ‘Jonge Kunst’ we stimulate together with Fonds Soziokultur coorperation between Dutch and German cultural institutions in various disciplines and target groups.
We support the exchange of knowledge and expertise between them. Their cooperation projects that we financially surport represent an example for others.

We evaluate the Dutch-German projects and their coorperation between 2013 and 2015. You find outcomes and inspiration in the Evaluation Jonge Kunst in German.

Evaluation Jonge Kunst 2013-2015.pdf

The coming three years we have €300.000,- available for projects. Each year we have €100.000,- and Fonds Soziokultur will put the same amount of money into the programme.

For more information contact Lidian Fleers


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