We have various subsidy schemes for cultural education (duuring school time) and cultural participation (in leisure time).

Not all grabts are open for applications all year long. New schemes may also be added throughout the year. Please consult our Dutch website for the current overview.


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Cultural education at school

Each child must be given the opportunity to develop their creativity in the best way possible. Education is the place where every child can be reached. With the Cultural Education with Quality programme, the Fund, together with governmental authorities, the National Centre of Expertise for Cultural Education and Amateur Arts (LKCA), cultural institutions and schools, is committed to creating a solid foundation for cultural education at school. We do this by stimulating connections between schools and their cultural environments. And by fostering the skills of (prospective) teachers.

Example subsidy schemes
More than half of all primary schools in the Netherlands are working together with cultural institutions to deepen cultural education within the framework of the long-term Cultural Education with Quality scheme. We are implementing this scheme together with the provinces and large municipalities in the Netherlands. The past years we've also focused on music education impulse, both by directly funding primary schools and by funding teacher training for primary education. Thanks to subsidies for cultural education in pre-vocational secondary schools (vmbo) and practical training, we make high-quality cultural education easily accessible to the largest group of young people in secondary education.


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Cultural participation in leisure time

Around 6 million Dutch people take part in cultural activities. There needs to be something suitable and accessible for everyone. Including those for whom creating culture isn’t self-evident. From initial introductions to culture to deepening interests and talent development. The way in which people want to create culture is changing. The difference between disciplines, as well as between professionals and amateurs, for example, is no longer self-explanatory. The Fund stimulates the energy and innovation among cultural creators who are responding to these changing requirements.

Example subsidy schemes
Thriugh two subsidy schemes, called Cultural Creators of Now and Make Space for Culture, we fund projects that contribute to the innovation of cultural practices. With the long-term Talent and Festivals scheme, the Fund invests in the supervision of young talented cultural creators who want to continue to grow and develop. Special attention is paid to Urban arts talent who are trying to become professionals. We also provide long-term support to amateur arts festivals and heritage manifestations that make the power of culture and heritage visible. Alongside municipalities, we are investing in Age Friendly Cultural Cities, which bring together care, well-being and culture to enable older people to participate in cultural activities. We promote international exchange by supporting German-Dutch collaboration in the Young Art scheme and through a broad scheme, aimed at international cooperation.

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International programmes

The Cultural Participation Fund contributes to international cultural exchange through several programmes and by working together with organizations other countries. 

The Cultural Participation Fund international programmes are:


Before, we also used to promote international projects through the following schemes: