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Before you apply, you need to know which subsidy scheme is right for your project and whether that scheme is still accepting applications. 

Cultural Participation Fund 2013-2016

The arts and culture are for everyone. Throughout the Netherlands, millions of people are involved in music, dance, drama, photography or design. Taking part in cultural activities is not only fun, it’s very rewarding. Some people like to explore their creativity in groups, others on their own. Some study local or family history, or volunteer to work in a museum or archive. The Cultural Participation Fund is dedicated to encouraging and supporting everyone with a desire to create. 

Between 2013 and 2016, the Dutch government intends to slash the arts and culture budget by € 200 million. The cutbacks are also being felt at local and regional level, and will also affect the Cultural Participation Fund. Our budget will shrink by 30%, which compels us to redefine our tasks and choices in the new funding period. At the same time, we are also actively seeking new partners who share our vision and desire to promote greater cultural participation.

Three programmes

During the 2013-2016 subsidy period, we are concentrating on three programmes: (1) arts and cultural education at school (learning & learning by doing), (2) extra-curricular involvement in the amateur arts (participation & development), and (3) encouraging talented youngsters to follow professional arts training. 




Culture to the top:

Talent Development

Supporting talented young people (8-24 years)

Events featuring outstanding amateur arts

Culture in leisure time:

Amateur Arts Innovation

Amateur Arts Innovation Programme

  • Innovating the content and the organisation
  •  Activities for the growing group of senior citizens
  •  Art in the community and collaboration with professionals
  • Keeping our intangible cultural heritage alive

Culture lays the foundations:

Quality Cultural Education

Quality Cultural Education, focusing on primary education

  •  Covenant with provinces and local authorities
  • National supporting policy



In many respects when considered from an international perspective, the policy and structural emphasis on cultural education and cultural participation in the Netherlands is unique. Anne Bamford remarked that the Netherlands is "potentially world leading" in terms of cultural education and also noted that "The Dutch are very good in doing outstanding things and keeping quiet about them". Dutch activities in the area of arts in the community and the involvement of artists in community arts projects are – like our children’s theatre schools – extraordinary and exemplary from an international perspective. 


The objective is to strengthen the international position of the Netherlands in the field of cultural education and cultural participation.


The Fund operates a subsidy scheme for international activities, aimed at top organisations in the field of cultural participation: institutions that, from an international perspective, implement exemplary and high quality activities. These activities focus on reinforcing the international position of the institution with its specific expertise in the field of cultural participation. This helps to contribute to establishing the international reputation of the Netherlands in this arena, and attracting new (European) financing. The scheme concentrates specifically on our neighbouring countries: Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgian Flanders. These regions represent the most fruitful opportunities for collaboration and for strengthening the position of the Netherlands.


With this subsidy scheme, the Cultural Participation Fund aims to achieve the following:

- more collaboration between Dutch institutions and partners in the neighbouring countries;

- more international revenue for top Dutch institutions in the field of cultural participation.

International programmes

The Cultural Participation Fund contributes to international cultural exchange through several programmes and by working together with organizations in the neighbouring countries Germany, Flanders and the United Kingdom. 
The Cultural Participation Fund international programmes are:

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