Who are we?

The Cultural Participation Fund (FCP) aims to promote participation in the arts and culture by encouraging people to take an active part in artistic and cultural activities. In achieving this, we work closely with local authorities and provinces, provide funding to institutions, stimulate debate, initiate research, and facilitate knowledge-sharing in the field of cultural education, the amateur arts, and popular culture.



Who are involved?

The Cultural Participation Fund collaborates with national government, the local authorities and the provinces, and stakeholders involved in cultural education, the amateur arts, popular culture, and cultural participation, such as sector associations and institutes, interest groups, and knowledge and research institutions.

Who is it for?

The FCP is for everyone living in the Netherlands.

How does it work?

The Cultural Participation Fund has developed three programmes to encourage the spirit of participation and engagement in the arts: Quality Cultural Education; Talent and Event Development, and Amateur Arts Innovation. The programmes are backed by a number of funding schemes to which institutions can apply. In our aim to foster a thriving environment for cultural participation, the FCP also drafts supporting policy, conducts studies, shares knowledge, and champions the importance of cultural participation.

What is our mission?

The Cultural Participation Fund aims to encourage and increase participation in the arts and culture.

When was the Fund established?

The Cultural Participation Fund was set up in 2008 and has been in operation since 1 January 2009.

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